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Used Industrial Robots

Industrial robots automate some of the most demanding and dangerous applications and are helping humans to improve better working conditions. For instance, they can operate in extreme heat or cold conditions, harmful chemicals, or just stifling tasks that can affect human health.

Manufacturing in the UK and globally are aware that implementing industrial robot automation system improve staff life while learning new skills in automation.  Therefore, affordable reconditioned robots are the short term solution with a fast return of investment for small and mid-size companies.  In fact, large industries are already taking advantage of robot automation system in their production process by adding refurbished robots.  Therefore, we help companies to find the right industrial robot for their robotic system because of our vast experience as an integrator.

Our reconditioned robots are fully tested before shipping.  Also, we are not tied to any robot manufacture because all robots have their own specification based on company requirements. See our vast inventory – ABB Robots, Fanuc Robots and Kuka Robots, at affordable prices.

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TOP 10 Specifications for Certified Refurbished Robots

  1. Clean and paint refurbished robots with 2-part epoxy paint to protect the robot.
  2. Check backlash and repeatability of all axes to re-certify to the original specifications.
  3. Replace or change any main components including gearboxes, motors, and cables.
  4. Check for any rusted part and replace them with a new one.
  5. Perform a full preventative maintenance check.
  6. Add water resistance and cooling system in the robot to increase its lifeline.
  7. Update the latest controller software available.
  8. Add a software package depending on the client’s need or applications including vision, rail or turntable.
  9. Install the latest software to avoid malfunctioning.
  10. Test the used robot at full payload to ensure it is working properly.

Robot Applications

robot apoplications

Robots, whether they are used industrial robots or new robots, can be reprogrammed or reused in different robot applications due to their flexibility and versatility. However, the most common robots applications are:

Welding Robots

Material Handling Robots

Milling Robots

Painting Robots

Assembly-line Robots

Robot Store provides new robot, or second-hand robots at an affordable price from the top manufacturer such as ABB Robot, FANUC Robot,  KUKA Robot, Yaskawa Motoman, and Universal Robots. In addition, we can help to customise an automated robot cell offering our expertise in robotics and we offer full engineering solutions providing a complete package based on your requirement and budget.

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Industrial Robot Parts

Industrial robot parts – Robot Store distributes KUKA parts, ABB parts, FANUC parts, MOTOMAN parts and others. We also sell affordable refurbished robot. Our customers can search in our online store. We provide solutions to our customer and to keep unexpected downtime and subsequent disruption to a minimum by getting access to our online robot store 24/7.  Therefore, we are very proud to offer the best customer service and the industrial robot parts of the market.
Industrial robot parts online will help you reduce your cost while increasing your return on investment. In addition, we also provide an Exclusive Free Support and Free Consultation with your affordable second-hand robots or robot parts order.

Robot Spares

We will provide a large stock of affordable industrial used robot parts in case of any unexpected events in your production plant.  For instance, our inventory includes new robot parts or used robot parts, we understand the importance to keep the breakdown to a minimum.

Robotic Industry News

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