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Material Handling Robots


Counting, labelling or separating parts in a conveyor can be tedious and unhealthy and the staff may be at risk.  Industrial robots especially material handling robots can automate this unhealthy task in a production line with not much effort.

When we talk about material handling, it includes a wide variety of handling product on the factory facilities. Example: pick & place robots, palletising robots, robots packing, and machine loading, and more are considered material handling products.

There are some factors to consider when investing in handling robot systems. For instance, an integrator task is to help companies in the automation throughout the entire process, see some key factors for the automation robot process.

Key Automated equipment for Handling Robot

  • Robot payload
  • Reach of the robot
  • Tool at the end of the robot (End of arm tooling or grippers)
  • Floor plant space
  • Facility layout
  • Part to be handled
  • Robot cell design
  • Control panel

Robot Store integrates material handling robots systems.  In other words, we help to choose the right robot for your application as well as put all automated equipment together to facilitate the automation process and warranty the effectiveness of the system.

“The ability to simplify and decrease time consumption in production functions, while enhancing dependability, accuracy and the involvement of low task force are the additional market drivers. The development of the material handling robotics market is expected to rise due to the suitability and the substantial cost reduction offered by these robots.” Click here for more

Material Handling Process 

Others handling process are:

  • Dispensing Robots
  • Injection Moulding Robots
  • Pick and Place Robots
  • Machine Loading Robots
  • Machine Tending Robots
  • Order Picking Robots
  • Packaging Robots
  • Palletising Robots
  • Part Transfer Robots

Robotics help the manufacturer develops products and packaging configurations to tailor its requirement. In addition, vision technology, software and gripper facilitate robotic handling from very large and heavy to small and delicate. Also, big parts require specific payload to move them successfully and repeatability within work cells.

Robot Store provides new industrial robots; new robot, or second-hand robots at an affordable price from the name-brand manufacturer: ABB, FANUC, KUKA Yaskawa Motoman, and Universal Robots. We can help to customise your robot handling cell offering new robots or used industrial robots from main brands. Also, we offer full engineering solutions providing a complete package according to your needs.

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