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Welding Robots

Welding Robot Automation Process

Welding robots process are improving the weld with robotic welding. Therefore, the most well-known welding processes automation is arc welding, laser welding and plasma cutting welding, TIG welding robots and spot-welding robots. Furthermore, industrial robots always increasing production speed, but the main feature is that robots produce quality welds and reducing errors. By adopting welding automation processes, companies are becoming more competitive, provide high standards welding.  Additional, automation systems help the manufacturer offer the staffs new position within the company as robot operators.

Top Types of robot welding

Although this is far from a comprehensive list, the following are some of the most common forms of robotic welding:

  1. Arc Welding: Arc welding is a welding process that uses electricity to join metal to metal. The automotive industry was one of the first industry to use extensively spot welding robot in 1980. Arc welding robots are accurate and repeatability.
  2. Resistance Welding: Delivering energy savings and efficiencies. It is current is passed between two metal pieces of metal by the resulting heat two pieces are joined together. Therefore, resistance welding is the most economical form of robotic welding and is best for heat-treating projects.
  3. Spot Welding: It is a type of resistance welding, this welding process can even join aluminium or other raw materials that are not normally weld. Even though this application was primarily used in the automotive industry to join sheet metal frames together this welding processes has expanded to other industries.

Robotic Welding Systems

The welding robot system can help to protect staffs from hazardous jobs and robots handle dangerous tasks. While the ultra-fine and extremely light fine dust particles represent a threat to the manual welders, the robots are able to work on this environment without any risk.

Also, automated robots are suitable for lifting heavy loads without any work incident.  We offer tailored packages based on budget and requirements.  We offer full integration from helping to select the right robot to the completion of the project. Nevertheless,  our vast expertise and many years of robot integration experience, allow us to know exactly how to choose the right robot equipment.

It’s not just about to sell the robot, our goal is to accomplish all customers’ needs and see the robot welding application working properly according to customer’s requirements.

What about Robot Cost?

Robot Store offers new industrial robots as well as certified reconditioned industrial used robots for welding applications from any brand manufacturer at a fraction of the price of a new robot. Some robots manufacture adds more features for specific robot applications but at the end, a good robot integrator can integrate any second-hand robots or new industrial robots such as FANUC Robot, KUKA Robot, ABB Robot, Motoman and others industrial robots.

Welder Robots provide a fast return on investment and save cost.  Robot Store main vision is to be known as a good robot integrator advisor with excellent products at an affordable price. We had installed new welding robots as well as used robot systems for large, small and mid-size companies worldwide.

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