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Industrial robotic arm – The wonder of modern engineering

Engineering science has been trying to mimic human arms for centuries, but it was not until 1937 that the first five axes of the movement were possible driven by a single motor.

In 1961 industrial robotic arm were known as the programmable transfer machine, their main purpose was to transfer the object from one point to the another, but 1969 was invented all-electric 6 axes articulated robot called the arm solution. However, it was not until the 1970s began to produce similar industrial robots.

Main name-brand robot manufacture KUKA Robotic and ABB Robotic started to bring a robot to the market in 1973, since then the technology of engineering has improved Industrial robot arm.

The main types of robots

Today, the most common types of robotic arms in manufacturing are articulated robotsSCARA robots, delta robots and cartesian coordinate robots, and gantry robots.

Some industrial arm robots are programmed to carry out the specific task over and over again with high-end results.  Other robots are more flexible, they need to identify the object using a vision system, visual sensors and powerful controllers.

Even though robot arm, six degrees of freedom or six-axis robots, have some similarities with human arm, the truth is that modern engineering has not yet matched the freedom of movement of a human arm.

Manufacturing Applications

The mechanical system of industrial robots makes them faster than human but not with the same amazing ability.  Robots are extremely fast than with no proper safety equipment they can cause serious injury to the operators.

However, robots increase the speed of the manufacturing process with a high degree of accuracy and precision. There are many manufacturing robot applications in today world, including welding, material handling, assembly and others.

Benefits of using robotics

Robots are built of steel or cast, motors that act by joins and ending with the wrist. At the end of the robot usually, an end effector or tool is placed to perform a specific task.

The industrial robotic arm can be programmed for the specific task or to do different tasks depends on manufacturer needs. Robots can lift from heavy parts, palletising heavyweight even welds or assemble a complete automobile to carry out small parts, food or fragile items. Something that human cannot perform easily.

The wonder of modern engineering solutions brings high precision robotic arm with a minimum or no error at all. Manufacturing benefits by reducing labour costs and waste materials. In addition, fast return on investment.

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